About Us

About Us


With 92.9 million people visiting the West End every year (+2.0% on 2016), it’s vital that the area is continually revitalising itself and moving forward.

Gascoyne London are proud to be part of the Heart of London Business Alliance, which serves as a progressive voice for 500 businesses and 100 property owners in the Piccadilly & St James’s and Leicester Square areas.


Cultural Heart of London strategy

Heart of London have now launched the Cultural Heart of London strategy at a point of global economic and social disruption. This is a time when vision, creativity and spirit are most needed to empower our workforce and visitors; to support community participation; and to encourage people back to our iconic area.

Cultural Heart of London strategy - Gascoyne London

The Heart of London

Whether it’s improving air quality, expanding recycling programmes or creating stunning public art installations, The Heart of London is at the heart of making the West End a truly world class destination to be enjoyed by everyone. You can find out about all the wonderful work being undertaken on the Heart of London website.

The Heart of London - Gascoyne London