Resident Area

Set out below are a number of FAQ’s and documents which we believe our residents and prospective residents may find helpful…

Moving in and out of our properties

1. What reference checks do Gascoyne London undertake?

We will require the following financial information (but not limited to):

  • Confirmation of your employment and salary
  • Original copies of bank statements and/or audited accounts if you are self-employed
  • Proof of current address from your Landlord or mortgage company
  • Copies of utility for your current address
  • Details of any bankruptcy or CCJs
  • We are required by law to see your original passport and visa and take copies for our files. Your passport and visa must be valid for the length of your tenancy.
2. What is an assured shorthold tenancy?

An Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) is the most commonly used form of tenancy agreement used for residential lettings. The tenancy agreement will normally be granted for a 12-month term with a six-month break clause allowing both GHL and the tenant to serve two months’ notice to break the agreement after the first four months.

3. What is a tenancy deposit?

Gascoyne Holdings Limited will take a tenancy deposit equivalent to six weeks rental. The deposit is held as security in case a tenant does not meet the responsibilities of the tenancy agreement.

Receipt of the deposit and details of what the deposit covers are detailed within the prescribed information in your tenancy agreement.

The deposit will be paid back to the you when the tenancy ends, unless you have broken the terms of the tenancy agreement. Such items where deductions to a tenant may include, professional cleaning, damage to property owners fixtures and fittings
and rent arrears.

4. What happens to my deposit after it has been paid?

Your deposit is paid and held by Gascoyne Holdings Limited. Under tenancy deposit law, your deposit is registered through an insurance backed scheme:- The Tenancy Deposit Scheme:-

5.When will my deposit be paid back to me?

As long as there are no problems with the condition of the property or rent arrears, we will return your deposit within 10 days.


Repairs / Maintenance & Insurance

1. How do I report a maintenance issue with my flat?

Please report any maintenance issues to our Management Office – or by telephone 0207 632 2500. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00pm.

If you have any urgent maintenance issue outside of these hours then please call out of hours telephone number 020 3728 8383

2. What should I do if I lock myself out?

If you lock yourself out of your property or your keys are lost or stolen you should contact our office during office hours or if outside of our office hours you should contact our out of hours telephonenumber 0844 858 8364 or our out of hours security guard 07584 705078.

If a locksmith is called out to enable you to gain entry a charge will be made the call out.

3. Can the landlord enter the property?

We may need to make occasional inspections during the course of your tenancy; the purpose of these visits is to check to ensure there are no maintenance issues that need attention and to check the condition of the property. Normally we will contact you beforehand giving you at least 24 hours’ notice with a date and time during normal working hours. If for any reason the appointment is inconvenient, please contact us so we can reschedule.

If there is a problem in your flat that may cause damage to another flat or communal areas (such as flooding), we will try to contact you to request urgent access. If we are unable to do so, we will execute our right to enter the property to deal
with the emergency.

4. Do I need my own insurance?

Gascoyne Holdings Limited is responsible for insurance the property and any items in the property which are owned by us. You will be responsible for arranging your own contents insurance for your possessions and personal items. Gascoyne Holdings Limited will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to your possessions.


General Information

1. What utilities am I responsible for?

You will be responsible for all utilities that serve the flat – gas (if any), electricity, water and council tax. Gascoyne Holdings will write to the utility companies to advice of your tenancy commencement date but you will also need to contact them directly. Meter readings will be provided to you within the inventory check-in documentation.

2. Can I have pet?

Pets are generally not permitted in our properties. However consideration may be given to permit you to have a pet but you must contact our office to discuss further as you may be asked for an additional deposit payment.

3. Can I have guests to stay?

Please let us know if you are having guests to stay in your property particularly if you are going go to be away. As they may need to contact us whilst you are away,


Rental Information

1. What happens if I am late in paying rent?

Tenants are responsible for ensuring the rent is paid in full and on time, paid by standing order or bank transfer. Rent should reach our bank account by the due date. If you are late in paying the rent, you may be liable for interest and bank charges.

2. If I have a problem with my rent account or a rental query, whom do I contact?

Please report any rental account issues to our Management Office in the first instance – or by telephone 0207 632 2500. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00pm.

We believe that the best way to improve is by listening to and working with our tenants, this is why we conduct and publish an annual satisfaction survey of our residents. Read the results of our recent 2022 survey here: London Survey 2022