26 June 2024

One of the last bastions of its kind

In the many years that Serhat Ahmet has been dealing in fine European porcelain, the industry has evolved enormously. Gone are the numerous London streets dedicated to arts and antiques, with many being replaced by retail chains and ever increasing high street rents.

Serhat’s customers are discerning, with high disposable income, so location is very important in their mindset when it comes to making a purchase. With a reputation for being highly selective, not only following trends but also selling items that are to his personal taste, Serhat has built his business by having a presence at some of the best-known antique quarters in the city. But when Daniel Bexfield, a dealer in antique silver, advised him that a rare opportunity had become available on Cecil Court, Serhat knew that taking it would be the right move.

“The shop owners at Cecil Court are a collective whilst being individual. There is synergy as we all appeal to discerning buyers of antique and collectable items. It’s the perfect location because of its unique charm, and we are all confident that this won’t change. When a visitor discovers Cecil Court, it can often come as a big surprise – they often don’t know a place like this existed in central London.

It won’t be taken over by a corporation who will turn it into a sterile, high street brand with no personality.

It’s clear that the family have a strong sense of social responsibility, which is very important to us. It’s reassuring to know that the tenants are carefully selected to ensure a good fit that will preserve the diversity and uniqueness that we have here.”

Cecil Court has been one of the most distinctive shopping streets in London since the 19th century and we all know the importance of preserving that – the distinctive gas lamps, the ceramic tiles on the buildings above the shops, and the gold fonts on every shop front. We are happy to invest time, energy and money in making our shops look and feel unique; we all take such pride in them.”

Serhat Ahmet of Serhat Ahmet Limited, dealer of fine European porcelain spanning 1720 – 1935.

One of the last bastions of its kind - Gascoyne London